Workplace Culture

Workplace culture in Australia revolves around the principles of Fair Go, Play by the Rules and being Easy Going (Migration SA).  So what does this mean for the organisations like yours who are trying to keep employees motivated and inspired to keep coming to work, day after day?

Well, ultimately, workplace culture is in your hands. You get to decide what kind of culture you want to create at work. What is your purpose? Your Why? What is your vision? What are you trying to create. And the best question that I love to ask:

“Why should someone come and work for you?”

And when you take out all of the external factors like pay, work conditions etc, you’re left with … what?

Your Purpose.

The Why.

Your Vision.

So if you haven’t thought much about that, then it’s time you do.


Whilst you can work on your organisational vision and the why of your workplace culture, you also need to be able to measure it. How to measure workplace culture is probably one of the hardest parts of the People and Culture role.

The basics of creating a productive, collaborative and engaging culture must have the following elements :

  • An environment where talent is recognised
  •  a place where agility is promoted in response to challenges
  • Change is positioned as an opportunity for growth

When put together, this is what we refer to as a REACH Culture.

While a number of factors contribute in shaping a REACH Culture, at least four characteristics are essential:

The Who:

Your leaders offer support for their team members, creating a warm and inviting environment where they feel included and appreciated

The Why:

Your leaders inspire team members to work together toward a compelling vision that is worthy of their best efforts

The What:

Leaders direct team members with clear expectations, promoting confidence through times of change and uncertainty

The How:

Leaders consult with their team to ensure they are equipped with the structure and resources needed for an efficient workflow

Workplace Culture REACH Quotient


Pulse Survey Data

When you can understand the characteristics that lead to the types of culture you want, you start to develop a measurable way to build a competitive edge in your industry.

Before you make any changes, we need to lead the culture shift process with a REACH Culture Survey. During this survey, participants are asked to rate a variety of leadership skills and characteristics as well as answering the pointed questions of:

  • Does our organisation offer value?
  • Would we recommend this organisation as a place to work?
  • Do we enjoy our work?
  • How long do we intend to remain here?
  • Do you think our team has a measurable impact?
  • Do we respect our team leaders?

Once this survey is complete, we meet with the executive team to discuss the results and create a game plan on how to tackle the change required.

Through targeted training, development and coaching, your team or organisation can cultivate a REACH Culture.

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