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Workplace Culture Development


The old saying ” What got you here, won’t get you there” has never been truer for a company looking to change it’s culture.  There are many triggers for a change – each organisation is different.

So what exactly are some of the characteristics of a Coaching Culture?

It’s a place where the leaders are engaged in coaching, and are living the values and principles of coaching. It’s a place where staff are valued, respected and given the opportunity to grow through their own self worth. You’ll hear people talking about coaching, and asking questions rather than telling others what to do. You’ll see the words ‘coach’ and ‘development’ in job descriptions and recruitment adverts. You’ll be able to experience in house and external coaching and development programs, aimed at teaching ALL staff the basics of coaching and above all:

People love to come to work, they are respected and engaged when they are there and they go home feeling fulfilled. 


Let’s look at some of the triggers for a cultural change:
  • Increase in business performance needed

  • Decrease Absenteeism

  • Looking to Innovate

  • Response to workplace bullying and harassment

  • Increase staff Retention

  • Wanting to be a world class company and employee of choice

Here at Culture Shift, the emphasis is on building a Coaching Culture into your organisation. This means that coaching in the workplace simply becomes the way things are done.

It means your people are treated with respect, given learning and development opportunities, are empowered to start thinking for themselves and as a consequence you will see an improvement in innovation.

We all want our people to bring their best to work – and creating a culture of coaching is the best way known to do this.


Some Organisations already benefiting from a Coaching Culture are:
  • Sunsuper

  • Centrelink

  • City of Casey (VIC)

  • Super Cheap Auto Group

  • Nestle Oceania

  • GE (Oil & Gas)

Measuring the ROI on a coaching culture has been documented many times. This return can be measured by financial indicators and also employee engagement indicators.

It’s a matter of understanding where your organisation is, and where it wants to be and then developing a coaching culture to ensure the vision is realised.


Some of the already documented benefits of introducing a coaching culture are:
  • Increased business performance

  • Higher staff engagement

  • Decreased Recruitment Spend due to increased staff retention

  • Staff initiated continuous improvement

  • Measured increase in performance (KPI’s)

  • Increased leadership development

If you’re serious about making change in your organisation, give me a call to discuss.

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