It’s Time To Redesign Your Workplace Culture


NOW is the time to focus on your workplace culture. It’s taken a backseat for a long time, with the only companies focusing on it having seemingly endless pockets of cash.


It became the thing that you ‘liked’ to work on, but it was a luxury item.


Not any more!


What is your answer to this question?

We’ve seen the research on why people are leaving workplaces – salary is one factor but I want to ask you this question:

“When all working conditions are the same – same salary, same flexible conditions etc, what makes someone choose YOU and YOUR organisation over another?


Business is always told – don’t compete on prices! Well then, why are companies still competing on salary? It’s exactly the same thing, and will result in a similar outcome – a race to the bottom.

We know that high wages are not sustainable. Yet, we see organisations throwing money everywhere, just to attract and retain their staff.


It’s not going to end well.


So if this is your current strategy because it HAS to be right now, please start working on your differences. What would make someone want to work with you – even take a paycut to work with you?

What would it take?


Now THAT’S a better  question to be asking around the boardroom.


Comment below on  what you come up with and share your ideas for other businesses who also don’t want to end up out of business.


Your culture is the underlying point of difference to you being an average or exceptional organisation. It’s time to focus and put it first, and the rest will fix itself. 




Emma Rhoades is the owner of Culture Shift, a company that helps to redesign your workplace culture to improve retention, increase succession planning, reduce staff turnover and associated costs and to improve productivity and engagement. Let’s organise a Culture Survey to see where you need to focus your efforts on. or