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The future of our workplaces are in the hands of our supervisors, our emerging and future leaders. If we don’t spend the time helping them to learn through great supervisor courses, then nothing will change in our workplaces. The management for impact program is designed entirely to teach the foundations of management skills.

In this 3 month Supervisor and Team Leader Management program you will learn:

  • How to set clear, concise expectations – so that EVERYONE is on the same page and knows what’s expected of them
  • How to master the art of effective delegation – so you stop saying “It’s easier if I just do it myself” and gives you more time to do YOUR work
  • The Formula of giving feedback to team members so you know how to say anything to ANYONE at anytime – without all the conflict!
  • The basic formula of coaching – so you can start to empower your team to solve their own problems and STOP running to you for answers!

Which of These Results Would You Like?

People are appreciating the work I have been doing in listening to their concerns, communicating expectations and sharing information and knowledge. I have noticed how much people appreciate intentional positive feedback including my manager. I now have developed confidence in communicating with others.


My team is now more open to me and each other, and more importantly I have been more open to them as well. There are more lighter conversations and I can give them specific feedback without feeling out of depth, so they can improve. My manager recently noted how he has enjoyed seeing my growth and stated this during the end of FY review.


Whilst understanding the setting of expectations, the connection between it and my leadership statement / values really started to resonate with me. I realised that not making this connection in the past has been a reason project outcomes haven’t met my expectations.



Delivered over 3 months, Management for Impact is designed to give frontline managers the skills to build trust in their teams, increase motivation and improve performance. Program participants will learn how to set clear expectations,effectively delegate, give and receive feedback and learn the art of coaching. This program focuses on a combination of professional training and coaching, with use case scenarios from each participants own workplace to ensure sustainable learning and implementation.


Successful program participants will acquire front line management skill set to increase their confidence and lead the team to higher performance. In today’s rapidly changing workplace environments, staff retention is high on the agenda. To retain our quality staff, we must provide a safe, fulfilling and motivational environment. Considering most people leave their manager, not the organisation, it’s critical we equip our frontline managers with the skills they need to ensure this type of workplace is created and sustained.


This Management for Impact program is designed for:

  • New Managers in a front line management role
  • Existing managers in a front line role who want to uplevel their results
  • Business owners who manage a team of people


This is an online facilitated course, over a period of 3 months.  There are 6 core modules, and every fortnight we meet online for the training.  Every other week, is an opportunity to turn up for a live coaching session to help implement what is being taught. This gives the participant the time to implement before we move onto the next module.

Module 1: Welcome and Goal Setting

Module  2: Setting Expectations

Module 3: Delegating Effectively

Module 4: Giving Feedback

Module 5: Coaching Skills

Module 6: Follow up Debrief and action plan

BONUS: Every participant also receive a 1:1 follow up session via zoom, to help you implement this training and to guide you through any challenges you are experiencing in your workplace.

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