Culture Shift Services

Creating a better workplace involves a variety of different elements. If you’re in it for the long haul (which you should be) then all of these programs and tools will be used over a period of time. If you’re after a quick shot of culture/leadership/employee engagement then we have programs to suit that need.

EMERGE! –  a program for emerging leaders. This includes new managers who have been put into a role and may need extra support, seasoned managers who need to interact with our new generations in the workplace and business owners who are looking to upskill their staff so they may take a step back.  This is a 6 month one on one program, developed with the business and the individuals needs in mind.  We use a range of tools, coaching and training to achieve results.

ENGAGE! – a program to increase employee engagement and develop a new workplace culture. This is a 6 month one on one program that works with CEO’s and business owners to identify the current gaps, create the vision and start to implement the change. You may find conflict is high, staff are continually leaving, morale is low as is performance. You may be losing customers and profits. If this sounds like you – this is the program to get started on straight away.

SALES COACHING – 3 months of intensive one on one coaching around increasing sales. Most of the time we know what we need to do, but just don’t do it. In order to get different results, we need to think differently which then produces new ideas, which make new actions and leads to new results. Being a 3rd party to the business allows safety, trust and a no excuses relationship to be formed. Sales Representatives and managers will be held accountable and will be challenged to think differently, all in a supportive environment.

PSYCHOMETRIC TOOLS – These consist of leadership profiles, sales profiles, 360° feedback,  communication preferences, position description profiling (great for recruitment – especially for higher level roles) employee engagement and culture surveys. Any of these tools can be taken on their own, and are included in the relevant package. These will allow you the insights to really understand what is currently happening inside your organisation and also uncover blind spots in your leaders.

ONLINE SHORT COURSES –  4 week online courses designed to train managers/ business owners in leadership skills such as effective communication, giving and receiving feedback , handling conflict and delegation. They are online groups with weekly webinars, and one on one coaching elements to help implement what they have learnt. These are quick and easy solutions and will be used throughout the 6 month programs, as well as stand alone sessions.