Sales Coaching

Unlocking your natural strengths within the sales cycle, to close more deals and earn more money.

Sales Coaching will uncover your natural sales strengths, determine your motivation and get you achieving your goals.

As a salesperson, there are times when you hit a slump.  Or you know you can do better but are just not sure how to get there or what needs to change.  

You are missing opportunities, not closing as many deals as you KNOW you can.

You’ve given exceptional training and they have the best tools.

And yet, STILL aren’t performing as well as YOU want to.

So what’s happening in this situation?  

More training doesn’t seem to fix it. More money doesn’t even work. Ping pong tables, beer in the fridge doesn’t even work! C’mon! What’s it going to take to achieve the results that everyone seems to want?

Sales Coaching.

Not managing or dictating or training.


A sales coach is someone who understands how coaching works to draw out the unsaid. To help someone look at a situation in a different way. And to help you uncover your strengths and how to use them to succeed.

It’s not telling you how to do your job. It’s definitely not training you how to sell (you’ve already done that remember?) And it’s not dictating how you spend your time.

You see, we all have different strengths and motivations. A good sales coach is someone who is able to uncover both of these, and help you to craft a plan and action based around these, so not only will you LOVE what you do, you’ll be successful.

Sales Coaching!

The 3 month intensive program, designed to work closely with sales people to uncover their personal strengths and motivation so they can get more sales! 

Your Personalised Strengths Report

Sales Coaching Report

Understand your natural strengths and how they relate to the sales cycle of Prospecting, Building Rapport, Discovering Needs, Presenting  Solutions, Overcoming Objections, Negotiating/closing the Sale, Servicing the Client. 

Benchmark against Top Sales People around the World

See how well you rate for your natural strengths against top performing sales people all over the world. This gives you an idea of how much growth needs to happen to be in the top percentile in the world. Sales Coaching Benchmark

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The Program

What: 3 month online and face to face (where applicable) program focusing on uncovering strengths and motivations to get more sales 

How: We start with a behavioural assessment tailored to the Sales Cycle (Prospecting, Building Rapport, Discovering Needs, Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, Negotiating/closing the Sale, Servicing the Client), to uncover natural strengths, and also personal motivations. Set new goals around these strengths and motivations and one on one coaching to achieve.

When: Due to the in-depth focus each person gets, each month there are very limited openings. Apply now for the next available place – these openings occur every month.

Here’s what will happen:

After you apply, you and I will talk online via zoom so I can get a good understanding of your current challenges and objectives. It’s at this time we both decide if this program is a good fit. 

Once we commence, the first thing we do is to start our analysis. This consists of:

  1. Your Selling Profile – Uncover your natural strengths within the sales cycle.
  2. Motivations and Goals – Not everyone is motivated by the same thing.

Once this initial work is complete, I then create a 3 month intensive program to ensure we will achieve these goals. We will meet weekly or fortnightly (depending on the person) to implement this plan. 

By the end of our program, you will have increased your sales, but more importantly, learnt how to leverage your strengths and how to think differently to achieve new results. You will take these skills and continue to thrive in your profession! 

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Your Investment

This program is $2,985 for the entire 3 month journey, including all the diagnostic tools and surveys, the training programs, coaching and support. 

 Pay in Full – save $485 – One off payment of $2500. 

Apply now to get this discount! (no payment is required at time of application)

Got questions? Email me here.

According to the International Coach Federation, the average company can expect a return of 7 times the initial investment in coaching

Apply Now – Limited Spaces Available

100% Money Back Guarantee

Simply complete the program, and if you’re not completely satisfied, let us know within 30 days and I will arrange a 100% refund. 


I do thank you for your guidance and support Emma! You walked into my life at just the right time and I have to say you are fantastic at your job !!!!!
You made me feel at ease from the moment we walked out the door and like I had known you for ever. Thank you !!!! ️

Briar, Sales Agent, McGrath Real Estate

Emma has been fantastic for our business. Through Emma, we have been able to establish an in depth understanding of how our team see’s the leadership and direction of the business, highlighting key attributes for success and development opportunities culturally both internally and externally. I would highly recommend Emma to any business or individual looking to self reflect and implement change to unlock their full potential.

Troy Pinder, GM, McGrath Real Estate (Coffs/Sawtell/Nambucca)
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