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About this Event

This Workshop is for managers at all levels and for business owners managing staff. This workshop will be facilitated by Emma Rhoades -a Diploma Qualified Workplace and Business Coach, who has over 12 years of business and leadership experience in both the corporate and small business world.

During this workshop we will discuss together the following:

  • Identify the best leadership style for you
  • Uncover your core values and vision so you lead your team to success
  • Create your own Leadership Statement
  • Learn the one secret to effective leadership for better team motivation
  • Learn the basic foundational coaching model and know when to use it
  • Learn how to coach your team to improve engagement and performance

This workshop is free and is limited to 15 people max. Please ensure you ask any questions prior to registering and double check your commitment levels – as we are expecting this to fill up quickly.

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