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Do You Want to Achieve:

  • Increased Staff Retention?

  • Increased Employee Engagement?

  • Improved Performance?

  • A Workplace That Everyone Loves Coming To?

“Implementation, not ideas, is the key to success”

(Chet Holmes)

If you are serious about growth of your people and your organisation, then you have got to stop talking, and start implementing. It’s time to STOP sending your people off to leadership development days that JUST DON’T WORK!

Research from McKinsey has shown that most leadership development programs fail because of lack of implementation. You see, the managers get the great information – but they NEVER IMPLEMENT IT!

They come back and find that it’s “business as usual” and nothing changes, therefore, nothing changes.

STOP wasting Money

STOP wasting Time

INVEST in a program that focuses ONLY on individual results and IMPLEMENTATION!

It’s time to re-train our managers, and to invest time in our emerging leaders.

Each leader in your organisation is different, which means they have a different learning style, different areas for improvement, different strengths.

unfortunately, a one size fits all classroom style training WILL NOT WORK.  


You need an individual program that is going to draw the best out of your leaders and have them taking accountability for their own results and their own growth, which will result in the creation of an interdependent culture – one which ensures employees are responsible for their own actions.

Individual Leadership Coaching can do this, and so much more.

Organisations that have introduced individual Leadership Development coaching of their managers have achieved:

  • Increase in staff engagement from 54% to 74% (City of Casey)

  • 50% increase in sales ( Julie, private company)

  • Job Satisfaction increased from 74% to 86% (City of Casey)

  • Increased staff productivity from 30% to 95% (Michael – Financial Institution)

  • Staff Retention – saving $640,000 (Michael – Financial Institution)

  • Exit Rate down from 18% to 9% (Mick – Magistrates Court)

  • Got back 10 hours per week due to staff solving own problems (Gerry – leader in Gov)

  • ROI of up to 350% in some of these cases!

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The Leadership Development Program

I’ve developed a 6 month, one -on-one coaching program that will deliver:

  • Increased performance – for your managers, their team AND your business
  • Confidence to lead with courage, and display emotional intelligence to become an effective leader
  • Leadership development principles
  • Targeted results for personal and professional development
  • Measured increase in KPI’s which translates to more money in the business

Overview of program:

This is a 6 month individual coaching program designed to increase performance and become an effective leader. As a result, teams will be more engaged, confidence will improve and morale will lift. 

During the 6 month program, coaching happens online via zoom, once per month with unlimited email support. We set the top 2 objectives of the manager prior to the program starting, and we work on achieving this, using your real life, work situations. This means you can implement ideas straight away, and progress super quick! 

This program is for current managers, emerging leaders, business owners – anyone who wants to improve their results or reach goals and targets.  

Investment: $1995 (+ GST) per participant,  for the 6 month program.

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Emma’s bespoke approach ensures massive return on investment for her clients. Emma’s ability to understand her client’s individual needs and develop a specific strategy to help them achieve their strategic goals is refreshing and rewarding. No ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach here. Emma easily earns her client’s trust… Her confidential, professional, fun and insightful approach makes it very easy to highly recommend her as the ideal coach for for your business growth or personal professional development.


Emma is passionate about leadership and helping others. She has helped me look at problems from a different perspective, understand what drives me as a leader and worked with me to develop strategies to help my staff achieve. I am very grateful to Emma for the coaching she has given me.


I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Emma these pasts 6 months. As a Business and Leadership Coach she is knowledgeable, offers matter-of-fact advice and takes the time to get to know clients needs and challenges. As a local business personality she is very well networked, a great advantage to her clients, friendly, and great supporter of the business community. I highly recommend working with Emma, her advice and support will be a valuable asset to your organisation.



I’m so confident this coaching will give results that I’m willing to offer your money back if we can’t show measured increase in set targets.

If this is sounding interesting, but you have no idea if it will work for your business, please get in touch for an initial confidential conversation to determine if this program will help you.