Leadership Development Program

This Leadership by Design program is for emerging leaders, supervisors, managers, future leaders and for any executive in your organisation. The reason it’s so adaptable is because it’s an individual 1:1 leadership coaching and training program. Through the Leadership by Design program, we have the ability to scientifically measure the growth of the individual, and give you a credible ROI.  Read on to find out how.

Leadership By Design –  Individual Leadership Coaching Program

This Leadership by Design program is tailoredpersonalised 1:1 coaching program. However, the success of this leadership program depends on the individuals motivation, coachability, adaptability and desire to be an exceptional leader. It is for the manager who wants to develop leadership skills. Also, for the emerging leader who is taking their first steps into management. Or the seasoned executive who needs to uncover their blind spots and work on specific, targeted leadership skills.

The overall program is divided into three distinct phases:

  • First Phase is where we look at YOU as a leader and identify your skills for improvement.
  • Second Phase  is about your team/ skills development.
  • Third Phase is about influencing the team and organisational culture.

This program is all about YOU. It’s unique to every individual person, therefore concentrating ONLY on what’s required for YOUR development.

Ensuring maximum ROI and limited fluff. No one likes Fluff…

PHASE 1 – YOU as a Leader

During this phase, we will identify your goals, develop your leadership statement and uncover your blind spots. As a result, this foundation work we do together, will set the rest of the program up. Because of this,  it’s crucial that you are honest, open and have a growth mindset.  We use psychometric profiling tools as well as a 360° feedback survey in this phase.

PHASE 2 – Skills Development

Now that we have uncovered your goals, motivations and your strengths, it’s time to concentrate on your gaps. This program allows for highly targeted skills development using the entire, scientific based, REACH Ecosystem. Because of this ability to see the gaps so clearly, we are able to develop a targeted training needs analysis just for you. Inside this system we have microlearning opportunities that will allow for you to embed what you have learnt, with supportive coaching.  For that reason, we  firstly identify your top three growth zones and during this phase, we get to work on implementing some changes.

PHASE 3 – Culture and Team Development

By this time you’ve started seeing some great results. You’ll see a shift in the dynamics of your team, and it’s time to focus on them, their development and building an engaging, motivating and productive culture. From here, we will undertake a culture survey of your team/ department /organisation. Then, we will identify actions to take and changes to make. Wrapping up this phase, we will go back and undertake the initial leadership profile and 360° survey so we can clearly see your growth.

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