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Are you looking for psychometric profiling, personality testing or an employee engagement index survey? Here at Culture Shift, we use the REACH Ecosystem. This ecosystem is a complete end to end system for building better workplaces. And, whilst all of these profiles are used as part of the 6 month coaching programs,  you can also use them as a stand alone assessment.

Read more to see how the REACH profiling tools can help your business in sales, leadership and culture creation.

psychometric profiling and culture surveys ecosystem

The REACH Ecosystem consists of psychometric profiling tools:

  • Culture Surveys
  • Employment Engagement Index
  • Leadership Profiling
  • Sales Profiling
  • 360° Feedback
  • Coaching Resources
  • Leadership Training

And here, at Culture Shift – we have access to this suite of resources, to give you the insights you need to know what’s going on. But more importantly, you’ll also get the resources you need to grow.

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If you want more productivity from your people, it’s time to look at the environment you are creating. Or, more commonly known as the culture of your business.  To create this culture,  leaders must look to cultivate an environment in which:

  • Talent is Recognised
  • Agility and flexibility are promoted
  • Change is positioned as an opportunity for growth

Together, these characteristics promote what leadership experts refer to as a REACH Culture. The Culture survey is where we measure the above points and your employees are asked questions including:

  • net promoter likelihood
  • enjoyment in the job
  • respect for leadership
  • impact of their team
  • value offered by the organisation
  • intention to remain in their role

As a result of measuring these aspects, you can easily identify the areas of your culture that you need to work on first.

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This leadership report reveals your preferred style, based on the 10 dimensions of leadership. Your responses to the survey are compared to over 15,000 leaders worldwide, ranging from emerging leaders to senior executives. Completion of this report will result in awareness of how you naturally communicate with others, and a self analysis of your leadership skills. Therefore, we will then highlight the top areas to work on, resulting in an increase of your leadership skills.

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Leadership profiling

This selling profile reveals an individual’s selling style and the way they tend to navigate the sales cycle. You will see how you perform based against specific aspects of the selling cycle, such as building rapport and closing the sale. As a result, this report offers an ideal resource for training and developing new sales professionals. Moreover, this analysis will help more experienced sales people to become aware of how their own personality might be hindering their sales results.

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The REACH 360 report is where your team, peers and manager rate your leadership skills. And the reason this is so important for any growth, is because if you don’t know, what you don’t know… how can you fix it?
In other words, getting feedback is crucial for your growth and development. This anonymous feedback tool reinforces positive leadership behaviours. And it also reveals hidden strengths. As a result, brings awareness to your overall leadership style.

It has a unique approach by using both personality style-based and skill-based measures. Resulting in meaningful self-reflection and targeted professional development.

  • Your employees will complete the REACH 360 in 3 minutes, with measures that encourage constructive feedback.
  • REACH 360 provides a positive, aspirational report that is designed for ongoing coaching and development conversations.
  • As part of the REACH Ecosystem, REACH 360 is supported by specific training, development and coaching resources.
In addition to the targeted leadership analysis, this 360° report will propel your leadership into it’s next phase.

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