A multiple award winning business owner, I have studied Leadership and Management and combined my personal business and corporate management experience with a Diploma in Business and Workplace Coaching.  I have come to the conclusion that people are our most important asset, however the workplaces we create are not putting our people first.

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Emma Rhoades – Culture Shift

Workplaces are faced with:

  • increasing customer complaints
  • high staff turnover which is a huge cost to the business
  • Internal conflict
  • decreasing performance
  • low staff engagement
  • attracting and retaining excellent people

Why is this?

As business owners and managers, you’re probably really great at what you do. But when was the last time you did any kind of leadership training? Or supervising others training? Communication?

Along with business growth, comes the additional stress – and rewards – of creating your own workforce. If you’ve never had any kind of training to deal with that, well, it’s going to be challenging!

I know this, because I’ve lived this.

And now with the combination of business, corporate and personal life experience mixed with my formal training, I can help you to create a workplace that is full of motivated and performing people, enjoying their time working for you. 

If we worked together to achieve this,  you can be sure that your productivity will go up, staff turnover will go down, you’ll create a thriving, innovative workplace and you’ll contribute to a changing, healthier society.

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Partnering with the REACH Ecosystem

psychometric profiling and culture surveys ecosystem

Using the REACH Ecosystem, we are able to:

  • Survey your entire staff
  • Use psychometric tests to analyse strengths in your team
  • Uncover the blind spots of your leadership
  • Combine training with coaching to hit very specific areas of growth
  • Bring it all together with an emphasis on ROI

A collaboration of scientists from the US, and a CEO of a leadership training company has resulted in the REACH Ecosystem. The most comprehensive all in one suite of tools you’ll ever need to increase your employee engagement.

This is the suite of tools we use to help YOUR business become more profitable through your people.