Helping Organisations Create Engaging & Productive Workplace Cultures

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace.

This means the majority of your staff are turning up, doing the bare minimum with no effort.

And you’re paying for it. Is that the workplace culture you want?

Businesses with high employee engagement achieve 21% greater profits.

Yep, employee engagement and workplace culture has a real impact on your business success.

Ready to pay attention to it now?

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Workplace Culture in Australia is becoming more important than ever before. Our organisations are starting to realise the effect of creating an engaging and motivational workplace culture. As a result, more are looking to invest in creating great cultures. Because when we focus on culture, we create better workplaces.  Find out how we can help you to create the workplace culture you want.

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supervisor and management courses


Our frontline managers and supervisors look after approx 80% of the workforce. However, they are the ones most likely to miss out on any management and supervisor training. As a result, they have the most impact on your staff retention and your workplace culture. So if you want to build a great workplace culture, then we need to ensure our leaders are looking after our people, engaging and motivating them.

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Women in Leadership


Women in Leadership roles have some unique challenges in the workplace. In addition, they may feel the Imposter Syndrome more than most males. As a result, we have introduced a sister brand – Her Leadership Journey. Head over to their website to find out about their Inspired Leaders Academy and how they can go from Invisible to Influential in their workplace.

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At Culture Shift, we help organisations to create engaged and productive workplace cultures, that people enjoy coming to, and go home feeling valued and fulfilled. We do this through 1:1 consulting, leadership and management training programs and the use of psychometric assessment tools.  Because, we truly believe that life is too short to come to work every day and NOT feel heard, valued and fulfilled.

And when we get these workplace cultures right, the ripple effect through our society will be unimaginable. Let’s work together to build these types of workplaces.

We help organisations to create engaging and productive workplace cultures that people love to come to and go home, feeling valued and fulfilled. We do this through a few different ways:

  • Individual Leadership Development 

    Highlighting your key managers and leaders, this 1:1 leadership development program is unique to the individual. Firstly, we begin with psychometric assessments, including 360° survey to determine the gaps required for the organisation. After that, we conduct a needs analysis and create a personalised leadership program. Therefore, no program is exactly the same.

  • Workplace Culture

    Workplace Culture is key to getting great organisational results. Firstly, we start with a Culture Survey, or also known as a pulse survey. This is to determine what is happening in the workplace right now. After that, we work with the executive team to uncover the purpose, values and the vision of the kind of culture you want to create. From there, we use the scientific data that has been presented in the surveys to determine the next 6-12 months of culture change. No program is ever the same!

  • Manager and Supervisor Training

    Our Signature program – Management for Impact, is designed for frontline supervisors, team leaders and managers who want to learn the core management skills.  These are Setting clear expectations, Effective Delegation, Giving and Receiving Feedback and Manager as Coach. As a result, your frontline managers and supervisors are able to effectively hold others accountable using a coaching approach.  This program can be a self paced online program, or run in house.

  • REACH Ecosystem 

    Culture Shift is a GOLD Partner with the REACH Ecosystem team. Therefore, we use the full suite of the psychometric tools to uncover your blind spots in both your workplace culture and your leaders. We use tools like the pulse surveys, employee engagement surveys, leadership profiles and 360° surveys to create individual and group programs. As a result, the majority of these programs are specific to your organisation. You also have the opportunity to embed the entire tech portal into your People and Culture unit with full support. Because, whilst it’s important to us that we get you started with your culture shift, it’s even more important that you can sustain it.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. What makes us different from others who understand workplace culture in australia, is that we understand each of us bring our own individual experiences, beliefs and perspectives to the workplace.  What one needs is different to another.

Now you can Measure your ROI for any of these programs.

We have partnered with the team at REACH to use the entire REACH Ecosystem. As a result, we use this system as the magic that underpins all our programs, and allows us to get intense, quick results for you.

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We use a 3 step approach to deliver success:

  • Using diagnostic tools – identify YOUR specific areas for development
  • Personalise a training program – just for you
  • Support with coaching to help implement for successful learning

This approach allows you to learn, develop and create sustainable change which leads to a Culture Shift.

Here’s what others have to say about working with us…

Emma’s Business Leadership Coaching is by far the best thing I have done for my confidence, in both my personal life and as a leader in my business. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their awareness, abilities and confidence in business leadership to give Emma a call.

Laney G , Office Manager

Thanks Emma for presenting such interesting and informative workshops with such clarity and good humour. Your insights and leadership tools are refreshing and illustrate ways to manage work and interpersonal relationships much more effectively.

Cathy S, Office Manager

Emma is passionate about leadership and helping others. She has helped me look at problems from a different perspective, understand what drives me as a leader and worked with me to develop strategies to help my staff achieve. I am very grateful to Emma for the coaching she has given me.

Tori M, Bank Manager

Recently sent one of our newer brokers to a Culture Shift workshop. Great value for money, & the after workshop meeting with Emma was awesome. Our newest broker is still reaping the benefits of the training! Highly recommended!

Craig B, Franchise Owner

I’m really grateful to you Emma – I feel better placed, more capable and confident. I feel like a totally different person.

Susan B, Senior Librarian

Being a part of your program Emma secured a promotion for myself and has helped me to help others in my workplace to secure promotions for themselves. Love being a part of the community you have created.

Kylie R, Assistant Director

If you’re ready to see how Culture Shift can help transform your workplace culture, and to develop your leaders then let’s organise to talk. Send through your information and we will be in touch with you.

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