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We partner with CEO’s and General Managers who want to increase the performance of their business through innovative, engaging and productive workplace cultures.

We end up working with your entire organisation, from executive to front line.


We do one thing – and we do it well. We partner with you to develop your overall strategy for people and culture development, we empower you to own it and we train you in the tools you need for your team to take over. We provide culture consulting,. leadership coaching and management training.


Life is too short to have crappy workplaces where people aren’t valued or fulfilled. Everyone single person deserves to do the work they love, in an environment where they are appreciated and valued. By working on the culture of the organisation we achieve this, business growth, and competitive edge.

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace.

This means the majority of your staff are turning up, doing the bare minimum with no effort.

And you’re paying for it. Is that the workplace culture you want?

Businesses with high employee engagement achieve 21% greater profits.

Yep, employee engagement and workplace culture has a real impact on your business success.

Ready to pay attention to it now?

High Staff Turnover Will Cripple Your Business

How much is your staff churn actually costing you?

Have you thought about how it affects morale? 

How much knowledge are you letting just walk out the door?

What kind of message does it send to the marketplace when you’ve constantly got recruitment ads going?

Ignoring your workplace culture could already be costing you a great deal.

3 Problems You Can Fix By Focusing On Workplace Culture


CEO’s that focus on workplace culture benefit with a significant advantage when looking to attract top talent, with candidates saying company culture is the number one deciding factor to take a role. (1) And we know retention can be increased through culture with 73% of professionals have left a job due to poor cultural fit. (2)


Workplace Culture directly impacts the bottom line with research showing that happy employees are 12% more productive, sales increase by 20% and customer ratings increase by 10% when creating an engaged and productive workplace. (3) 


When people are allowed to take risks, feel supported and safe, feel like they belong and are valued members of the team, they will start to innovate and share their ideas. If your culture allows innovation to occur, your business begins to develop your own competitive advantage.

Why Is Workplace Culture So Important?

We know what it feels like to watch the thousands of dollars you just invested in someone walk out the door.

And we also know what it’s like to feel unheard and just a number.

After working with us, Managers get to hear the words “You’re the best manager I’ve ever had

Our Award Winning Chief People Geek; Emma Rhoades has been working with organisations and leaders for the past few years and has heard exactly what your people need for them to remain engaged and productive. She’s also been blessed with her own Corporate Management and Board Director experiences that have allowed her to fully appreciate what is required to remain competitive in the marketplace.

She’s worked in Commercial and Not For Profit industries and whilst the purpose of these organisations have changed, the fundamentals of what makes an exceptional culture has not. She has a Diploma of Organisational Coaching, a Diploma of Leadership and Management and is a REACH Certified Practitioner and Gold Partner.

The way we work is different to other companies – we don’t try to push your business into a box, or  try to change it to fit a framework. What’s the point of trying to fit in, when all you need to do is stand out?

And when we  teach businesses not to compete on price because it’s a race to the bottom – why do we continue to find employees based on salary only? Why is that the only thing you can offer?

Time to re-invent what culture means to you and your organisation.

Emma Rhoades - Workplace Culture Consultant

Emma Rhoades

Chief People Geek

What Others Have Said…

5.00 / 5

Initially we worked with Emma conducting a cultural survey of the group with such detailed and valuable insights into the good, bad, ugly and opportunity. This was a watershed moment in our business evolution. From there several of our individual team members have utilised Emma in a one-on-one capacity to be coached and “unlocked” by Emma. Tailoring delivery models to each individual has been pivotal in their personal and professional growth, and the business is now seeing the uplift in their output.”- Martin Wells BM JP, Principal, McGrath Estate Agents

5.00 / 5

Emma’s bespoke approach ensures massive return on investment for her clients. Emma’s ability to understand her client’s individual needs and develop a specific strategy to help them achieve their strategic goals is refreshing and rewarding. No ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach here. Emma easily earns her client’s trust… Her confidential, professional, fun and insightful approach makes it very easy to highly recommend her as the ideal culture consultant for for your business growth and personal professional development.”- Cherie Parik, Director – Your Commercial Property Specialists

Some of the businesses & leaders we have worked with...

Where To From Here?

Workplace Culture Change pathway

Here at Culture Shift, we know you’re the kind of CEO that wants it all.

A high performing organisation, and a team of great people to lead. For you to achieve this greatness, you need to identify your own strengths and surround yourself with others who will utilise theirs to help you win.

The problem when it comes to culture creation, however, is that too many leaders think they need to keep employees happy by putting beer on tap, table tennis in the break room and letting them work whenever they want to.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because what we DO know is that people want to contribute to a purpose, feel valued, be heard and go home feeling like they’ve done a good day’s work. Consequently, this is where your workplace culture fits.

We know what happens to a business when poor culture hits the media. Furthermore, we have seen the devastating effects poor workplace culture has on people’s lives. That’s why, when you have the first red flags appearing in the form of higher staff turnover, lower productivity, increased conflict and a rise in absenteeism, you need to focus on your culture immediately.

How We Work With You

Firstly, we will undertake an organisational wide culture survey to gather insights about your current workplace culture.

Secondly, we then assess the strengths of your leaders by using psychometric profiling and 360° surveys. As a result, we almost immediately recognise patterns between your leaders and their impact on your company culture.

Armed with this intel, we set about creating an internal team who will lead your culture change – including you, the CEO. From there, we identify what kind of culture you want to create, develop a strategy which includes formal leadership training if required, and set about implementing. Our system has inbuilt ROI measurements so you can easily report back to the board on your progress.

It’s time to reach out and let us help you to develop the workplace culture you know will lead you and your organisation to become a sustainable, profitable and attractive business.

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