Looking for Organisational Change? You’ll find it in your heart…

//Looking for Organisational Change? You’ll find it in your heart…

Looking for Organisational Change? You’ll find it in your heart…

True organisational change will only be found when you’ve connected the heart, the brain and the gut.

Latest neuroscience research has found that links between all three are what make us fulfilled. We can’t have a full life if we don’t have all three of these in alignment. (Marvin Oka & Grant Soosalu – http://www.mbraining.com/mbit-and-leadership)

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But what does it mean for the organisation that needs a change?

You need to start with your heart. Your heart, and the heart of your organisation.

What are the values? Why does it exist? What good are you doing in the world? Do you leave it a better place than how you found it? What about the values of your leadership team?

Are your people engaged with these values? Do they align with them? Do they feel like the work they do every day is impacting on others in a positive way?

If you don’t know – then go and ask. And be prepared to listen. Like, REALLY listen.

Only then can you start coming up with your creative ways to do business and engage the logical brain. This is the part that comes up with the new processes, the new ways on how to align your head, heart and gut.

And then, you need the gut. You need the courage to go against status quo. To make the change that needs to be made and to stand up and believe in yourself and your team. This is where many organisations fail in their change efforts. One person may have the courage to stand up for something – only to find themselves shut out in the cold. For change to be effective, everyone needs to have courage. The organisation needs to have the courage to go against what is normally done and try something new.

Look at the real disruption examples around you. How do you think they got there? Classic example – Uber. Their heart came into play first – the feeling of not being valued, the desire to see people treated better. Then the logic brain was engaged – how can we do this? What ways can we come up with to make this work? Then the gut – having the courage to go out with something so radical, it was either going to take off or flop. Either way, the entire team had the guts to do something about it.

Let’s also look at Thankyou Water. They started out by needing to help third world countries have something so basic as clean water. They then engaged the logical mind to come up with their initial solution, and then had the guts to get out into the marketplace and make it work.

Richard Branson – ‘Screw Business As Usual’…

I could continue with examples, but I think you understand what I’m saying here. If you want your organisation to change, then you really need to have all three in alignment.

Start with your vision and values and your purpose. What does your organisation look like when it’s finished? What are people inside saying? What are people externally saying about your organisation? How will everyone feel about your organisation – both internal and external?

For only once you get some clarity around this vision and have the courage to make it come alive – can the real work begin.

If this is you, and you want this – call me – I can help make this vision come alive