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Leadership and Management Training Courses

At Culture Shift, we do things differently. After being on the receiving end of motivational corporate training days, and then going back to the workplace to realise nothing gets implemented, something had to change.

In partnership with international training company, PD Training, we are proud to bring you in house corporate training – with a difference.

Pre work : To ensure the participant knows why they are going, what to expect, and also an understanding of their strengths and growth opportunities. So they are already looking for ideas to help them grow. The pre surveys we do, also help us as trainers to identify the behavioural styles in the room, and adapt the training to suit. hence our communication and learning styles are in tune with those in the room.

Post Work: We offer a 3 month coaching program for every participant to support them implementing what they’ve learnt back into the workplace.

Both of these initiatives are designed to maximise Return on Investment, and hit our goal of creating better workplaces.

In conjunction with these in house workshops, we have also taken the content and created online courses. These allow for people anywhere to join in, without the hassle of having to travel away from family and taking entire days out from work.

Each week our trainers will deliver a module in an online webinar style. This is backed up by individual coaching throughout the course, to ensure implementation is being achieved. This style of learning allows for smaller chunks of information to be delivered, digested and implemented, before learning the next part.

See below for our in-house training and our upcoming online courses.

I enjoyed the engagement – thank you! This has come at such a relevant time in life and business, thankyou

Workshop Participant

Thank you! Great insights for application in the workplace

Workshop Participant

Thank you! This session was wonderful and 5 for presentation style.

Workshop Participant

A very informative workshop, thank you so much

Workshop Participant

Thank you for a relaxed, interactive format and content and relevant examples – I really enjoyed the session

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Click the + buttons below to get an overview of each course. Please contact us using the box below for more information or to book in.

If you’re in a supervisory position, it’s important that you are equipped with the skills required to ensure your team is productive and motivated to perform at their highest levels each and every day. Anyone who supervises others, especially those who are new to supervision, will benefit from our 1-day course developed for managers and supervisors in Australia.

The Supervising Others training course provides participants with strong leadership skills, like delegating to others, decision making strategies, effective time management, analytical and problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, how to create an atmosphere which promotes internal motivation to work toward team goals, giving formal feedback and much more.

Course Length – 1 day

This high energy half-day workshop is a powerful combination of tools that people learn to use to establish a curious, innovative growth mindset, and workplace tools to implement on-the-job.

People learn how to establish a positive outcome orientation, keep things in perspective, and then implement new techniques in a collaborative work environment that is experiencing change.

Much more than just concepts, this is a course that provides people with practical tools to use in all aspects of their life. This course is suitable for people of all ages, and all levels of seniority in organisations. The ‘no-fluff’ approach that is focused on practical application through activity-based learning throughout the session ensures that people are engaged, keeps it ‘real’ and has people walking away with tools and skills that are as powerful as they are simple to implement.

course length – Half Day

Do you impress your customers every time you interact with them? Does your organisation thrive on creating raving fans who buy your products and services again and again?

You must go beyond simply showcasing your products and services and purposefully design and plan to develop strong relationships with your customers. It is essential that you provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating your customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations every single time.

In this fun and exciting professional development course you’ll learn:

  • To recognise how your attitude impacts on your interactions
  • How to apply techniques to generate repeat business
  • Develop top-level telephone skills
  • Learn how to deal with difficult customers and
  • Deliver on your promises.

Course Length 1 day

The Communication Skills training course teaches you powerful concepts like how different personality types can influence communication, what your personal communication preferences are, and most importantly how to implement and use these skills immediately.

You’ll learn strategies for overcoming common communication barriers as well as essential skills like active listening, effective use of voice and tone, investigative questioning skills and exploring the importance of body language and the nonverbal communications coming from others.

If you have ever wanted to communicate with more clarity and impact, in any of your relationships, then this course was designed for you!

course length – 1 day

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training course teaches you how to develop your emotional intelligence or your ability to manage your responses based on your objective assessment of different personalities and situations.

After completing this one-day course, you will have learned:

  • what is EQ
  • The four core skills required to practice EQ (self-management, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation)
  • How to use empathy, how to interpret, manage and articulate your emotions using the right language
  • The benefits of having a high EQ both at home and in the workplace

and much more.

You will complete a personality profile which will help you understand the potential differences among the various personality types and where you currently fit. This newly found emotional “awareness” allows you to communicate more effectively, succeed at work and achieve your career and personal goals in a shorter amount of time.

Course Length – 1 day

Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is a key skill for anyone who works in a team, communicates directly with customers or has a supervisory or managerial role. Resolving interpersonal conflict can be very empowering and should be a part of everyone’s professional development goals.

This Conflict Resolution Course provides techniques for individuals in an organisation to resolve workplace conflict and to build a common understanding and framework for working through challenging situations. The course was designed, after much research, to focus on the Win-Win Approach using the three critical skills of conflict resolution; Negotiation, Assertiveness and Persuasion.

These skills will enable the course participants to develop conflict resolution strategies for quickly and effectively recognising, resolving and preventing conflicts with others. Learn key skills like how to compromise and negotiate, finding the root cause of the issue, the importance of forgiveness, anger management strategies and de-escalating challenging situations.

Course Length 1 Day

This half-day activity based workshop provides participants with the opportunity to understand resilience, the effects it has on their life and productivity, then gives them the chance to learn practical tools and strategies to implement on a daily basis.

Participants learn to tools from leading sources such as the World Health Organisation and Steven Covey (Circle of Influence) that they can use to proactively build their resilience and additional tools to employ in those tough times to maintain their reserves.

Delivered very much through a work-related lens, the workshop also includes aspects of neuro-science, and people learn to recognise their decision making, attitude and feeling about a situation as a result of chemical releases, and how to refresh and move forward more positively.

This is where science meets the workplace to build greater productivity.

This is a practical and fun day that is suitable for all audiences because of it’s practical workshop approach, which provides people with the tools that they can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day.

Course Length – Half Day

The Training Leadership Development Training course provides those currently in leadership positions, or those new to a leadership role, with the insight, awareness and techniques to lead more effectively. Great leaders set the pace for their team and have an impact on organisational culture and staff morale through their actions.

In this dynamic, 2-day professional development program, you’ll learn crucial skills like creating and communicating a vision, using appropriate body language, giving formal and informal feedback, using the art of persuasion, creative problem solving and decision making, encouraging personal and professional growth and much more.

Course Length – 2 days

In a retail sales situation, satisfying every customer can be difficult, but there are proven methods and skills you can learn to maximise their satisfaction and increase sales. One key principle is simply to be there when needed and offer assistance as required.

The Retail Sales Training Course provides you with an understanding and skills development in how to better engage with customers, how to control the sales process, how to identify upselling/cross-selling opportunities, learn basic sales psychology, how to conduct basic needs analysis and much more.

This comprehensive sales training course is designed to help retail sales professionals sell more and discount less, how to deal with difficult customers and professionally handle every sale and maximise every opportunity.

Course Length – 1 Day


Supervising Others – Online Management and leadership Course

Next Course Starting Wed 2nd Oct

Supervising, leading and managing others is one of the most rewarding careers. With these rewards also comes great responsibility. For far too long our leaders have taken the rewards, without fully understanding the responsibility.

However, it’s now time […]

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