Introducing GROW for Leadership Development

//Introducing GROW for Leadership Development

Introducing GROW for Leadership Development

Any kind of Leadership Development starts with looking at you, and behaviours that you can learn and adapt to become a more effective leader, and increase your employee engagement. And in this post, I wanted to share with you the basic foundation model for coaching. It’s used worldwide, and it’s called GROW.  I just want to run through it quickly with you to give you a bit of an idea on what each of those stand for, and give you a tool that you can use in your workplace starting today to become a more effective leader, and empower your team to success.

GROW is an acronym and below I outline each letter for you.

The G stands for the GOAL.

What are we trying to achieve here? Look at what is the goal? Let’s say one of your team members needs to achieve 10 sales in a particular time frame. So that could be their goal. And what you are going to do as a coach, and a manager, is to have a conversation around that goal. Why is it important? How is it important to the organisation? What does success look like? How will the person benefit, what’s it going to give the team, and what’s it going to give the organisation?

Ask them, “Why is this important to you? Uncover what they are hoping to achieve out of it? What will happen once you’ve reached these 10 sales? Talk about what it might look/ sound/ feel like to reach success. What are people going to be saying? What will you be seeing?” And really get a clear picture of why this is important.

The R stands for the current REALITY

What’s happening right now? Where are you? How many sales have you already got? Then delve into how they are currently feeling about their reality. If they only have 3 sales, ask how they are feeling about that? How would they feel once they reach the 10? How do they feel about the workload they have to do?

You are looking for understand around their mindset about their current reality. They could think it’s completely not achievable, or they could be really pumped to get their 10.

This part is really important, because if you don’t move them to believing they can achieve it, the rest of the conversation won’t go very well!!

The O stands for OPTIONS

Once we’ve got that reality, we then move on to our options, which is “What can we do to move from 3 sales to 10?”   Now don’t confuse this section with what will we do, which is the next part of the grow model. And we’ll get to that in a moment. This section is really about the brainstorming. And it is so important for you to stay out of this space here. What you need to do is facilitate them to come up with their own options.

And you can’t say yes or no, well that will work, that won’t work. Because then effectively you’re shutting them back down. So this is really an exploration for them. Get them to write down any options that come to them, how ridiculous they might seem. Because it actually gets the brain thinking.

So once you start brainstorming this, they might come up with one or two different options, ask the question, “Great, what else can we do?” And keep asking. “Yep, that’s a great option. What else? What else can we do?” Until you think that you’ve actually exhausted all of their options.

Now you might struggle with this, especially if they’ve been coming to you for a long time, and you’ve been giving them the answers. They’ve become quite dependent on somebody else telling them what they can do. This area could be very frustrating. So, take time, stick with it, be patient, and be okay with the silence.

If you get really stuck, ask more questions – ones like “Okay, well who else could help you with this?” “Who could you go and talk to to get some other options?” , to get them thinking in different ways.  They might then come up with the idea to see someone in marketing. And from then they start to get all different ideas for possible options to move forward and reach their 10 sales.

The W stands for WAY FORWARD

In this part, we look for the commitment to taking action, and setting accountability. You help them to identify all the actions they’ve written down, now they get to choose which ones they WILL do.

Then you drill down into when they will do these actions. If one of them was to see someone in  marketing – then ask them “When will you see them?” Get the day and the morning or afternoon of that day. It not only makes them commit, but it helps you to follow up because you can then casually ask them how they went with the marketing team.

Another big part of the W is asking how they will keep themselves accountable for these actions? Ask that question and stay quiet!! Let them come up with the way they will check back in with you. Remember, your job is to support them to do their job – not tell them what to do!

Wrap Up

And once you start using this model on a regular basis, it becomes everyday casual conversation language.   Now you COULD have said, “Hey, you want 10 sales per month, you’ve only got three, I want you to go and do X, Y, Z, and have it done by next week and then report in as to how it’s going.”

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find that that’s the standard management style today. I know I’ve experienced it, and it’s not empowering, and it’s not inspiring. So by following this basic foundation coaching model, you’ll start listening to your people, and start getting them more accountable for their own actions. If you’re looking for Leadership Development – start by really understanding this GROW model.

Please, give it a go, let me know how you go, check in with me if you get stuck. I’m always here to help you. You can also view a video I did of this outline on my Linked In Profile here.

If you want more individual help on embedding this into your everyday management style, or learning more about Leadership Development, please get in touch to see how I can help you.