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Here at Culture Shift we work with many varied clients, from large organisations through to individual leaders wanting to invest in their performance and their professional development. Here are a few snippets of feedback that we have received.

CherieBusiness Owner
Emma’s bespoke approach ensures massive return on investment for her clients.

Emma’s ability to understand her client’s individual needs and develop a specific strategy to help them achieve their strategic goals is refreshing and rewarding. No ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach here.

Emma easily earns her client’s trust… Her confidential, professional, fun and insightful approach makes it very easy to highly recommend her as the ideal coach for for your business growth or personal professional development.

ToriBranch Manager
Emma is passionate about leadership and helping others. She has helped me look at problems from a different perspective, understand what drives me as a leader and worked with me to develop strategies to help my staff achieve.

I am very grateful to Emma for the coaching she has given me.

Workplace Team
Thank you Emma!
Everyone enjoyed the session and found it really worthwhile.  One of our team said she has already found herself thinking “that person must be a driver/counselor etc, so best approach things this way…”!

Another said that he has been to many staff development days in his time, and yesterday was up there with the best.

Everyone commented that you really know your “stuff” and felt very comfortable and at ease with your lovely demeanor.