Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Looking for some one on one assistance? Try Business Coaching and see how it can help you. Unlike mentoring or advising, coaching is where we work together to come up with your own solutions to move forward. You see, I had a mentor once, and I did everything she told me to do, to the letter. But it still didn’t work. I realised that what I needed was someone who I could bounce ideas off, and who would make me think outside the box – push me to be better.

This is what coaching is. You know your business and you know what you need to do. I’m just there as a sounding board, to ask questions, to help you see a different perspective.

Business Coaching is not forever. Well I hope not! Then it means that I haven’t done my job! The idea is to help you to learn to see a new perspective, so when you are moving through the stages in your business, you have the awareness to think differently. I’ll always be there for you if you need it though!

Every business is different, with business owners having different goals for their business. So I have a flexible approach to Business Coaching. Whether you need it to start your business, grow or whether you are upskilling and need some help for a new manager – I can design a program that’s flexible with your time and budget. Please note though, that all coaching is billed on a monthly basis – I do not charge by the hour, and if you feel you haven’t received any value, then I won’t charge you at all.

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