Culture shift was started because of my intense desire to ensure people go to work happy, they are appreciated when they are there, and go home feeling fulfilled.

Think about the following…

70% of our workforce is disengaged. Gallup tells us this every year or two.

Another study by Career Builder tell us that 58% of managers never received any leadership/management training. Over half our managers have no clue how to lead….

A Harvard Business Review study shows that employees trust STRANGERS more than they trust their managers. Yep – over half.

79% of people leave their jobs due to ‘lack of appreciation’

culture shift emma rhoades
Emma Rhoades

Recruitment costs can be upwards of 50% of the persons salary.  And the Average Aussie Salary is sitting at approx $80k.

Yep. Done the calculations?? Yes, over $40,000 to recruit someone who just left, because they didn’t feel appreciated. They were only spoken to when they were in trouble. They didn’t feel their work meant anything. Or feel their boss is a micro-manager. Or just can’t take the stress anymore.

When you add the above to my story around my father you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about my vision of what I described at the start of this.  You see, my Dad passed away at age 54 – a year after he retired. He worked his bum off to provide for our family.

But he never got to live out his ‘golden’ years.

Our lives are so incredibly precious. We can’t take this time back. As managers, it’s our responsibility to look after our people so they feel fulfilled at their work. They feel appreciated. They feel like another family. After all, they  could spend more time at work than at home.

Do you think that by changing how we lead we can put a massive halt on mental illness?

I do.

That’s why I’m here. To help your workplace become centred around your people. Truly Human Leadership as Bob Chapman calls it.

For only once we start to look after our people, will they look after our business.



Emma Rhoades