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Leadership & Executive Coaching.

Do you manage a team of people? Looking to promote from within? Use our one on one coaching help to develop confidence and leadership skills, to develop a high performing team

Workplace Coaching Development.

Workplace Coaching aims to introduce a coaching culture to your workplace. Aimed at middle to upper management. Contact us for more information

Business Services.

Looking to get your life back? Sick of trying to do everything? Maybe you have a goal you need help to reach. Review our business services programs, designed to remove yourself from your business and start making it work for you

Our Proven Process Produces Results


First step is meeting to find out what’s happening in your organisation. We’ll also look at where you want to go, and take an assessment of where you are now so we can work on the gaps together.


In-depth planning is needed for any change implementation. The second stage of our journey is planning our time together. Identifying our goals and our ROI measures.


One on one interviews are crucial for this change. Your team need to express how they are feeling and their desires to get on board with the change. As a 3rd party person, these interviews are confidential and candid.


This is where the magic happens. Face to face and phone coaching takes place during this phase. Your team will be taught new skills and you can watch as they grow with a feeling of empowerment.


It’s time to assess your ROI. No doubt you’ve already noticed a change in your workplace, happier teams and better results. Another round of interviews and data is gathered here to present the overall impact the journey has had on your business.

Emma is passionate about leadership and helping others. She has helped me look at problems from a different perspective, understand what drives me as a leader and worked with me to develop strategies to help my staff achieve. I am very grateful to Emma for the coaching she has given me.

Tori M

“I had been running my ukulele business for about a year when I booked some coaching sessions with Emma. It was a part-time business and had really taken off very quickly. I needed some guidance around defining my product lines and setting pricing structures. I also wanted to diversify into the corporate sector. Emma was able to walk me through the process and also gave me some great suggestions and leads. It’s not often you get a business coach who also has a creative leaning and I was able to implement the changes quickly and see immediate results. It’s great to have someone of Emma’s calibre here on the Coffs Coast and I thoroughly recommend her.

Stephanie Sims, Uko Ono

Best Business Coach!

Tanja A

Emma’s bespoke approach ensures massive return on investment for her clients. Emma’s ability to understand her client’s individual needs and develop a specific strategy to help them achieve their strategic goals is refreshing and rewarding. No ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach here. Emma easily earns her client’s trust… Her confidential, professional, fun and insightful approach makes it very easy to highly recommend her as the ideal coach for for your business growth or personal professional development.


I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Emma these pasts 6 months. As a Business Advisor she is knowledgable, offers matter-of-fact advice and takes the time to get to know clients needs and challenges. As a local business personality she is very well networked, a great advantage to her clients, friendly, and great supporter of the business community. I highly recommend working with Emma, her advice and support will be a valuable asset to your business.


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